Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Timeless Formula for Success in Radio

Pat O'Day created one of the greatest personality radio stations ever. KJR dominated the ratings as well as the hearts and minds of listeners in Seattle for 15 straight years in the 60s and 70s.

Pat returned to KJR this week to celebrate his 50th year on the radio in Seattle. He talked about the role of a successful radio station in the lives of its listeners. Here's what he said. "Radio is companionship or really it's nothing. It's no better than an iPod if it doesn't have companionship."

Here's how Pat defined companionship for his disc jockeys at KJR. "We made sure that we were talking and having fun and giving our listeners joy every minute of the day. You had to picture somebody out there. You had to say, I gotta make their day more enjoyable."

Simple and timeless. Give listeners companionship and nonstop joy and they'll turn their radios on every day to listen to you and your station.

PS Pat didn't tell the talented and colorful characters he hired how to give their listeners joy. He just set the expectation and told them to go do it, all day, every day. That's probably why no two shows sounded alike on KJR.