Tuesday, February 26, 2008

America's Most "Efficient" Talk Station

Last week, I had a conversation with the PD of a major market talk station. He proudly announced to me, "I doubt there is a more efficient talk station (than his) anywhere". I asked what he meant by "more efficient". He answered, "We make a lot of money".

I asked him to explain how he does it. He told me, "We have only one local show, our morning show. We get our news from a local TV station and we get our traffic from Metro".

I couldn't help but wonder where this PD and his owner will be when the syndicators that provide 85% of his station's content don't need his station's transmitter, tower, and broadcast frequency to distribute their programming. I hope they're saving all the money they're making now because that day is not far off.


Predjoe said...

wow...I think you are way off base here. Predicting that syndicated product will not 'need' radio stations is a bit far fetched. Will there be more means of delivery available for syndicated product? Without a doubt but I still think, for the foreseeable future, talkers will still need the sticks to get their message to the masses.

just me said...

I agree that terrestrial stations will always be needed, both for syndicated shows and (hopefully) to attract local listeners. As for bringing in the community, we know what the answer is: live and local. Since budgets are currently being held ransom by expansion debts, I don't know when local staff can be re-hired and properly utilized. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

here in Atlanta (10th or 11th market) w/a metro of 4.5 million, we have one local political talk talent and thats Neal Boortz who has been a fixture for 30+ years.
Four major stations, one local talker. 17 syndicated shows.
Who could have predicted?