Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Power of "I Matter"

The "I matter" belief is the most powerful part of the Artist's Secret, the force that guides successful radio personalities and artists of all kinds. It was on display big time at the Al Peterson's Talk Media Conference that I attended last week in Phoenix.

Dan Patrick, the former ESPN SportsCenter anchor and host of the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio, was there to talk about his new venture. He was on fire or as he likes to say, "en fuego". After 18 years at ESPN, he had finally developed the "I matter" belief.

Dan and his personality were instrumental in creating the SportsCenter brand for ESPN. He was one of the original lovable smart asses that delivered sports news with humor, fun, and just the right amount of irreverence. He became the template for all the SportsCenter anchors that followed him.

I don't think Dan realized how much he and what he created mattered to ESPN viewers and radio listeners until after a chance meeting with Jimmy deCastro at a golf outing. As Jimmy tells the story, he was immediately blown away by Dan and his talent. He began to wonder why Dan had never ventured out on his own and "taken control of his brand".

It seemed obvious that Dan didn't have a strong "I matter" belief before he met Jimmy. He viewed himself as a part of the big ESPN brand. Things have sure changed.

Jimmy served up a steady diet of praise and recognition for Dan's accomplishments. He expressed a sincere belief in Dan's extraordinary talents. This produced an "I matter" belief that inspired and motivated Dan to, "walk out the door of ESPN after 18 1/2 years with no net", wondering, "Why didn't I take this chance before?"

Dan's newly developed "I matter" belief has fueled a big vision for the Dan Patrick Brand. As Dan talked about the future with those gathered in Phoenix the ideas just flowed. He was brimming with confidence. Dan's energy, enthusiasm, and excitement were amazing. He told us, "This is high school with money."

What Jimmy deCastro did for Dan Patrick is a model for any coach trying to develop a gifted radio personality or artist of any kind. Help them develop the "I matter" belief because it fuels the courage and passion to create and provides the creative juice that produces original ideas. The "I matter" belief is a beautiful thing. Ask Dan Patrick.

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